The Palace of Versailles

On my recent trip to Europe I was lucky enough to spend five days in Paris. My favorite of those five days was taking the train out to Versailles where I spent the entire day exploring the beautiful palace and getting lost in the enchanting gardens. If you want to feel like you’ve escaped from … Continue Reading

Visiting the Blue Lagoon

Visiting the Blue Lagoon is a must when visiting Iceland. It’s one of those things that you have to check off the bucket list, and it makes for killer instagram photos! We had perfect weather the day we went, about 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The lagoon is anywhere from 94 to 104 depending on what … Continue Reading

New Years In Lake Tahoe

  Spending New Years in Lake Tahoe is a hotspot for a lot of people. Mostly due to the fact that snow globe takes place there every year. We we weren’t cool enough to attend/don’t party that hard anymore, so we opted for a more low key day full of wine, food, and views. We went … Continue Reading